An aura of mystery surrounds the multifaceted personality of the singer, composer, polistrumentist and founder: a true “deus ex machina” of this project. After a long apprenticeship as a soloist Danio decides to create a “virtual” bunch of musicians who, while not interacting personally, create music remotely using Internet, social media and home technology, coordinated by its production. In fact, it is from this unweary knight of romantic heavy metal, born in 1977, that comes the incredible creative energy that fuels the inexhaustible forge of WE DARE musical project, author of a new and innovative musical genre that mixes the power of metal with a sweet and evocative singing, with colorful shades and exciting digressions which suggestionate even the ear of the most exigent listener.


Born July 15 1979, he began his musical career at the age of 11 playing an oversized tenor saxophone which quickly sells to buy his first electric guitar. During the first years of high school he founded rock and metal bands along with other friends, including The Black Paint. While studying at university he continued to play in other bands such as Gramen (Black Sabbath cover) and Metallica (Metallica cover), never giving up his own compositions. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature, in 2010 he founded the band Bad Attitude, a powerful hard rock & heavy blues quartet, author of exclusively original music and winner of the 1st Rock Festival of of Bagolino (BS). The band also managed to have its single ” Audacity “broadcasted on the national radio RAI 1. He is also an electronic music composer and the founder of The Über-Maus Project, which produced the album Monster Movie Machine, freely available on the website ( He currently plays in the stoner/nu metal band MATER and in the WE DARE project, in which he plays his handmade “primitive” guitar Zero (, another of his inventions.