“When, about a year ago, I started this project of virtual music, consisting of normal people with a passion for music, I would not have bet much on it.

I knew that finding on the Web people who, from theis own homes, could be able to record music in their own home-studios would not have benn easy. Indeed, I would have be taken for mad: an impossible project.

My desire, however, was strong: the desire to make music and to present it in a different way was so great that in my mind this imagery was dominated by a large virtual fantasy.

I launched my project through the nets of the Web as bait and waited.

What I drew to shore after this strange and unreal ‘fishing trip’, however, was virtually fantastic. I met great people, never seen before, and this gave birth to a great friendship and a new band: ‘We Dare’.

Now the final judge of all this must be indisputably the web. It is up to the people of the network to assess the virtual product: we only expect your support, your shares and your positive and negative comments, hopefully constructive.

Now, let me say: enjoy! “

(Ritter Massen)